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Error code 80073701 in Windows 7 update KB4038777

Issue Description80073701 error code appear in Windows 7, Windows update constantly attempting to install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Update for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 for x64-based Systems (KB982526) and failing with Error  Code 80073701 repeatedly.

Error code 80073701 solutions:

In simple, checking for Windows update message shows as if it is checking for updates but never moves anywhere. This is a special scenario which causes the death of your computer operating system. Before you start troubleshooting the issue, please go through the below article that helps you with some steps.

First of all, there are many technicians available online to help you but you should find the best person to fix your computer error 80073701. You should never fall in the hands of unsafe technician help who may charge you more money for fixing a free windows 7 update issues.

Installation support

Reasons: Failed Windows Services, registry issues, and disk space or network related issues. There are multiple factors that cause error 80073701

Most importantly reset the windows update components and check if you are able to install. You can take assistance from one of our experts to reset the updates. Besides that, you should also check for the prerequisite updates are available on your computer. These are the basic prerequisites for any Windows updates.

How to reset Windows 10, 8 & 7 update components?

Some of the command lines that help you to reset Windows update components. Before doing that, the services should be stopped like wuauserv and cryptic. cryptsvc is a cryptographic service and the related folders should be renamed to old. Before proceeding to the next steps, delete those old folders and restart your computer.

Then start activating the Windows services and the reset process should be complete.

However there are individual update related prerequisites. Firstly, you need to check the name of the KB number  of the failed update and type in search for this KB prerequisites. It helps you with the results.

Unable to install Windows updates due to error code 80073701

It is important to keep the computer secure and safe. There are many updates that come from automatic updates. They might impact the health of System services and automatically stops them from working. If you are unable to run those updates, you must restart your computer and execute the above-mentioned steps.

Windows 7 update Prerequisites:

  • System services working
  • Registry checks
  • Disk space
  • Event Viewer logs need to be checked.
  • correct system date and time
  • Updated Drivers
  • Activated Windows 7

System services:

They stop automatically if there are any third party program interference. Many third-party applications may cause system services failure.

System stalls saying updating Windows 7 on the screen for hours and stops suddenly giving error code 80073701 .


Windows registry is the heart of an operating system. The system registry changes affect Windows updates. The registry changes are only detected by advanced tools. This the only way to resolve registry issues. System files play a key role in repairing the registry of Windows 7.

Disk space:

The system space is one other key factor for this Windows 7 update error code 80073701 . Check the system space and the update size to install Windows 7 latest update.

System date and time

Ensure to fix correct system date and time to install Windows 7 updates to avoid error 80073701. Date and time usually make no difference but if you are traveling, there are chances to mistake the timezone on your computer. It is always recommended to use the local timezone for updates.

Event viewer

It is the reporting tool for the error messages with incident date and time in the log files. One should check the event viewer logs to understand the error codes. All these logs are accessible through the control panel and the event viewer. Usually, you can also access them using shortcuts from task manager.

Product key Issue

Make sure Windows 7 is active at the time of installing Windows 7 updates. Activation never fails usually however there are cases where the wrong system date and time may misinterpret the activation. If Windows 7 activation fails, there are upgrade options available to activate. The computer turns to the latest edition such as Windows 10 if you agree to upgrade. There is a license fee applicable to use Windows 10.

How to take assistance on chat?

This article is self-help for troubleshooting on your own, also we have assisted solutions from our experts who are ready to help you with any issues. In contrast to the Microsoft phone support, this professional chat support assists you faster and can correct your computer errors. Chat support is similarly professional assistance like phone support. Rather than calling a phone support technician and while you wait on a long call to seek the tech help, you can start typing your queries on chat. You are notified with an email confirmation and schedule a time slot for support.

Due to the lack of knowledge, the users may perform wrong attempts to reset Windows Components. Finally, we hope this article helped you to fix the error. If not, feel free to reach us back on chat for help.

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