Onedrive is the cloud storage from Microsoft. It is available for free upto 5GB space for Microsoft account users. Onedrive is scalable and there are premium plans available to upgrade the space.

Along with the onedrive scalability, the users will be provided with Office programs.

Office 365 programs like personal edition and Home edition allocates the space between 1TB to 5TB for each account user.

For any old office desktop app users, the onedrive program is separately made available for purchase. 

Premium Onedrive makes the remote clients available to access from the other workstations.If any users adds the device (a PC) to their cloud storage, the shared folders can be accessible from web interface or also the other computer if the sync process is initiated. This procedure is like peer to peer connecting devices. Onedrive remote connections makes the users to handle the other computers dynamically by routing the access to the files like a FTP client and the changes can be synced mutually.

Other way is to add additional folders and upload the files to the onedrive folders. The sync process takes long time if the data is kept online depending on the internet speed of the user machine.

Onedrive program is a webstorage given by Microsoft. It allows up to 1TB for office 365 users.

How to store personal files and folders on Onedrive?

Onedrive provides a micro client that can be installed on Windows Operating system, It facilitates the user to login to his account and that starts syncing onedrive files and folders through the file explore. An additional icon on the left navigation pane is visible after Onedrive program is installed.

Right click on the app and select the settings to add additional user accounts for onedrive.

Onedrive starts syncing the files and folders to the web server automatically or it can be synced manually.

Manual sync process on Onedrive: Movie the selective files and folders to the onedrive folder and it syncs with the user account automatically. For a successful sync file, it shows green tick marks.

Automatic Sync – The one drive application asks to choose the folder locations to sync automatically on the computer. If nothing was chosen ,then you can go for manual push on Onedrive.


In the latest Windows 10 with metro apps, there is an additional standalone app for onedrive that comes by default. This onedrive app facilitates to fast upload and display the files without consuming lot of space on the computer. 

Free space:  One drive is mainly used to save the space on a computer. It is an alternate storage for the user. There are certain devices which comes with less storage space and this onedrive helps the user a lot to save the files and folders on online storage.

Microsoft Onedrive is also available as a standalone program with more space.

50 GB is available for $1.99 and 5 GB is available for free.

If you purchase office 365 programs like Home or personal, the corresponding space limit is 5 TB and 1 TB.