How to fix Error Code 30016-26 in office 2019 & 2016?

In office error code 30016-26, when you attempt to install Office fails, an error message typically tries to explain the cause. In this article, we will highlight the different solutions needed to resolve this error code 30016 26
 Error Code 30016-26

Causes of the Error Code 30016-26

There are many reasons that could cause the error code 30016-26. Usually, an error code 30016 26 occurs due to corrupt system files and improper deletion of previous office installation files. Performing the troubleshooting steps will resolve the error code 30016 26.

Office program is useful for

  1. Writing documents,
  2. Designing slides,
  3. Preparing accounts receiving or
  4. Sending emails. 

System drivers

You can manually update the drivers but there are multiple drivers on the manufacturers’ web portal. 

Solutions for the error code 30016-26:

Temporarily disable firewall and antivirus

To temporarily disable the firewall, do this 

  1. Firstly, open control panel
  2. Then select system and security
  3. Next, go to “Windows Firewall” and Click on “turn windows firewall On or Off
  4. After that, select Turn Off firewall, try to install or update Microsoft Office and check if the Error code 30016-26 is fixed.

To temporarily disable the Antivirus, do this 

  1. Firstly, open Antivirus application installed and Click on settings option.
  2. After that, turn Off real time protection and select the Antivirus firewall and turn off Antivirus firewall.
  3. Finally, Click on YES for confirmation.

Check SFC scan

SFC scan is check for the system files sometimes these can be corrupted. So at that time check the SFC scan through the command prompt. Once the process is done. Check the installation status.

To perform SFC Scan:

  1. Firstly, open the Command Prompt and Run as Administrator
    SFC Scan for Error Code 30016-26
  2. Secondly, type the command as sfc /scannow  and then click enter
    SFC Scan
  3. Do not close the command prompt window until the scan is complete
  4. Finally, try to install and update Microsoft Office and Check if the Error code 30016-26 is fixed

Registry files

Error Code 30016-26 also occurs due to registry corruption or key value errors. In order to fix this error code 30016 26 it is required to repair the registry keys and rebuilt the string values.

Remove and reinstallation for the Error Code 30016-26

You have any previous versions of the office product. First, remove the office that means uninstall the office. Once uninstalled after that new version of Office installed.

To fix this, 

  1. Firstly, Open control panel and then
  2. Click on uninstall programs and features
  3. After that, Search for Microsoft Office and
  4. Select Microsoft Office and click on uninstall.
  5. Finally, once uninstall is complete, try running Office setup to install Microsoft Office.

In Conclusion, 

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