Office Shows Unlicensed Product Message – What Does It Mean

My Office product is suddenly showing an unlicensed product message on the top of the screen. I have a valid license and it was working fine for many years. Not sure what changes I would have done to get this unlicensed product issue.

I will explain, the office product comes with a subscription license for office 365 products or any other volume editions. This product expires after the subscription is over or if you have not renewed on time.

Unlicensed product
Unlicensed Product

How to resolve unlicensed product message on office program?

Let’s start with the verification of office renewals first.

Office renewals – unlicensed product message

It is directly linked to your office account where you need to check under services and subscriptions for the license validity. If the unlicensed product is not renewed on time, it shows you that the product is expired x days back.

If we see these messages, you can renew the unlicensed product at the moment and can get it back to the normal active state. But you must sync the product to activate.

How did the sync process work?

The sync process is the communication between your computer and the server. The office server stores your account-related information. Once you update the office program, the system talks to the server and knows its validity information.

What is Onedrive in Office product?

Onedrive is cloud-based storage space. If you are using a subscription-based product, there will be 1TB storage space given with the subscription.

Unlicensed product message only on word programs

There are cases where you see the unlicensed messages only for few programs like a word. This can happen when there is duplicate programs installed on the computers. If there are some missing program files on your computer.

Missing program files

It may not open sometimes, or you can see unknown error messages on the top of the program.

Unlicensed product
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