Office Error code 30125-1011 (12029) – Get Solutions

Microsoft Office 2019 error code 30125-1011 (12029)

Error code 30125-1011 (12029) is an office error in Microsoft. Office product is one of the Microsoft products. Most of the cases this error can get through fail the installation. Actually, an error code 30125 1011 12029 occurs due to corrupt system files and improper deletion of previous office installation files

You will see this error code 30125 1015 if your antivirus software, firewall, or proxy settings prevent you from installing Office. In this article, we will see some things you can try to fix this error code.

error code 30125-1011 (12029)

In the case in the process of installation is not support the above steps. So immediately can contact our technical team will solve your issue within a time period.

Causes of office error code 30125-1011 (12029)

  1. Pre version of an Office suite is blocking the installation of office.
  2. Antivirus and malware and virus and firewall must be blocking the installation.
  3. Proxy settings and internet connection issues are blocking the office installation.

Solution for the error code 30125-1011 (12029)

Temporarily disable firewall and antivirus

An antivirus is software for avoiding a virus and malware and spyware this antivirus has stopped the installation because it’s already involved in the temporarily disable the antivirus in the process of installation. After that, it can be enabled on the computer.

To do this, 

  1. Firstly, click on the Start menu and go to the Control Panel option
  2. Secondly,
    • In Category view, select System and Security > Security and Maintenance, and
      Security and Maintenance
    • In Large icons or Small icons view, select Security and Maintenance.
      Security and Maintenance

A firewall is one of the system settings. Actually, this is in on during the installation process firewall can be in off position.

To do this. 

  1. Firstly, click on Start menu and then open Settings option.
  2. After that, in Privacy & security option, go to Windows Security and click on Firewall & network protection.
  3. Finally, in Microsoft Defender Firewall, switch the setting to On. 

Check SFC scan for error code 30125-1011 (12029)

SFC scan is check for the system files sometimes these can be corrupted. So at that time check SFC scan through the command prompt. Once the process is done. Check the installation status.

If you are getting the error code 30125-1011, running the SFC scan process is the best solution to this problem. Connect your system to the Internet and follow the steps below.

  1. Firstly, open the command prompt and select the option of Run as administrator.
    error code 30125-1011
  2. Next, type the command as sfc /scannow in the terminal window and press Enter and then rerun the application.
    error code 30125-1011 (12029)

Use a wired connection

If you are not using a wired connection to the Internet, plug in your device in and try installing Office again.

Try installing from another location

If you are installing at work or at school, the network will have limited access that will not allow Office to install.

If this situation arises, take your device

  1. Home,
  2. To a friend’s house, or
  3. To a wireless hotspot, and
  4. Then try installing Office again.

In Conclusion, 

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