Who we are?

We are experts in Office product support. We have good industrial experience and started Live Assist for Office products to support the home users globally. We have certified and trained engineers who can provide you on chat support as well as remote screen sharing based on user agreement.

How we support?

Screen sharing is one of the easiest method that we prefer to support the users. Having a tech on your computers is said to be risky by others but if you trust us and our services, we give you the best support in all aspects and completely fix your issues.
We have high profile clients as our users and they are very happy with all the support we provide for their software programs.

What does this website do?

This domain is built with many support solutions. We have a team of experts who can handle the chats incoming through this portal. They address the issues reported by the users and advise the possible solutions to fix their programs.

What are the benefits?

We run through a Win-Win policies to render our services. We also provide the users ongoing support programs to come back for any kind of support. If the user is happy with the given support, they convert their programs to long time support. It will give the users a piece of mind to have a tech assistance of their computers.

Is the charges expensive?

We are not directly a paid support company where we charge and escape from the identity. This domain is build through an online reputation and is operated by our Live Assist Technical Support company. This assistance give the users to gain immediate support and no waiting for answers through our chat services. We assure you that the charges for the support are not greatly expensive compared to any other company.