Microsoft Windows Update Error code 80072f78 – Get Fixed Here

Windows Update error code 80072f78 is common for all the Windows Operating systems when you try to install the updates. This error code appears when Windows 10 or Windows 7 update system is broken.

Sometimes the problem is related to the Windows Update server so if you cannot download updates, try waiting a few minutes before you attempt to access the Windows Update website again.

Error code 80072F78

Reasons for the windows update error code 80072f78:

  1. Internet connection issue
  2. The previous version of windows and antivirus.
  3. Junk files with live threats
  4. Corrupt system files
  5. Corrupt software distribution folder.
  6. Virus and spyware and malware effects on the computer.

How to fix the Windows Update error code 80072f78

To resolve the windows update error code 8007000e and try to check the update status.

  1. Remove the junk files and check the internet connection settings.
  2. Run the system file checker after that all install the pending updates.
  3. Disable both malware and antivirus and firewall programs.

Disable the antivirus software and install the update:

Antivirus is the most important software for your computer. Sometimes it can be disabled because new versions are installed or updated the temporarily disable the antivirus software after that it can enable the software.

Repair windows system files for Windows Update error code 80072f78:

  1. Open the command prompt after that it can be run and check the SFC scan
    • SFC/scan now
      error code 80072f78
  2. Now the process is done for the system file checker repairs for the windows system files.
  3. Once it can be done after that system can be restart.
  4. Finally, try to search for the updates in windows

Rebuild the software distribution folder:

You need to rebuild the software distribution folder when updating the windows.

  1. Firstly, open the run window and type the command and press enter
    • c:/windows/software distribution
  2. Select the windows to update the list of services then click the stop button after that search for the distribution software.
  3. Finally, click to start the software distribution folder for the windows update services.

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