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System drivers

You must update all the third party hardware drivers to install Window 7 updates. You can manually update the drivers but there are multiple drivers on the manufacturer’s web portal. Rather, there are third party advanced tools to update all the drivers.

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SFC Scan support
Technical support

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How to use an SFC scan now:

Actually, SFC scan is a command and it is used for windows system files. This is mainly used in command prompt. Open the command prompt and type the command and click ok.


The process will be done after that check the system files. System file checker will now verify the integrity of every protected operating system file on your computer. It might take quite a while to finish.

once verification reaches 100%, you will see something like this in the command prompt window.

Once the process will be done after that restart your computer.Sometimes check the SFC scan in offline.

Run SFC scan now on external drivers:

If windows are not loading up and you want to run the system file checker on the drive what would you do? Well, you can use an external repair disk or remove the hard drive and connect it to another running windows computer to perform the SFC scan.

System file checker:

System file checker is a utility in Microsoft Windows that allows users to scan to restore the corruptions in Windows system files. Due to the problems with Windows applications being able to overwrite files in windows. Microsoft has since implemented a number of security measures to protect system files from malicious attacks, corruption or problems such as DLL hell.

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