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Latest Microsoft Windows updates:

This article provides the latest information about the windows update, Present no of versions are released through the Microsoft.We got the error like some situations windows are crashed or updated or activated.Generally, Windows get more errors due to the updating process and also activating issues.Most of the windows are getting the errors due to the SFC scan, networking issues and also others issues.

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Steps to resolve the Windows update:

1.solve the network issues

sometimes your system will get the network error. At that time you can easily solve your issue through the network settings and firewall settings and check the wi-fi updates.

2.check the SFC scan

Sometimes you will get virus issues and malware and spyware you can check the SFC scan through the command prompt and enter the suitable SFC command and the process is going on. Wait for some time for the process. Finally, the process will be done and check scan results. so you can easily solve the windows update issues.

3. Temporarily disable the firewall and proxy server settings

check the firewall and temporarily disable the firewall in off position and also disable proxy server settings. Once solve your issues enable the firewall and proxy server.At that time uninstall the previous versions of the software or uninstall any software.

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4.System drivers

You must update all the third party hardware drivers to install Windows 7 updates. You can manually update the drivers but there are multiple drivers on the manufacturer’s web portal. Rather, there are third party advanced tools to update all the drivers.

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5.Check the antivirus

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When your attempt to install Office fails, an error message typically tries to explain the cause. There are many reasons that could cause the error code Usually, error occurs due to the system files corruption or previous installation files not removed properly. Performing the troubleshooting steps will resolve the windows update errors.

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