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error code 0x80070422
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This error code 0x80070422 is a windows 10 update & activation error.This actually gets through updated windows 7,8,10. This mainly gets through the firewall issues and SFC scans and also networking issues. There are system requirements mentioned for installing any software program. These requirements are related to the graphics card, system space, and other hardware requirements. During this process, windows updates can get you the relevant drivers as optional updates.

Error code 0x80070422  Details:

Network related issues:

Microsoft Office program can only be updated or installed when there is a network communication between the user system and Microsoft office server. It can be checked using command lines using the following command.


If the server name displays as “unknow

own”, that is the cause of Microsoft windows error.

Registry issues:

Microsoft windows errors can also cause due to corrupted registry keys. Registry corruptions occur due to the installation of freeware untrusted programs and the spyware or malware infections, virus infections.

Corrupted files:

Microsoft error can also cause due to the corrupted files on the Windows operating system or program-related files.

These issues can be detected by performing an SFC scan on your computers.  SFC SCAN is a system file checker scan procedure and can be done using the following steps

  1. Open command prompt as administrator
  2. Type “SFC /SCANNOW” on the command line and execute

This process takes a while depending on your system health and corrects most of the issues, if it fails, you need to consult a Microsoft Technician for support.

Temporary files: 

These temp files are auto-generated small files with extension temp and are stored automatically in various temporary folders set by your system.

An easy way to fix the error code 0x80070422:

1.scan the malware or spyware and virus

2.Enable the Windows firewall

3.Install the latest windows updates

4. Make sure Windows update service is running

5.Disable Ipv6

6. Check enable featured data

7.Restart Network list service

8.Run Windows Update troubleshooter.

Finally, you can follow all the steps then easily fix the Windows update error code 0x80040722. If you can not solve the updated issue then easily contact the technical person.

In case you contact the technical team immediately then trouble to check for technical details. We are providing chat support for this type of error code so you can not trouble the technical team then easily contact our technical team and respond to solve your issue you can click the below link then immediately contact.

Error code 0x80070422
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