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Issue: error code 80240016  appears when check for updates. This error mainly appears due to the failure of Windows update client.

What is a Windows update client and how it causes error code 80240016?

Windows update client is the engine that searches and send the updates to the Windows computer. There are multiple reasons for the failure of Windows update engine. It is primarily due to virus infections or spyware issues on a computer.

Error code 80240016
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error code 80240016 Resolution steps: Live Assist Tech

System file scan

Firstly, scan your computer and make it free from the virus. Infections are detected on your computer with the scan process. Another issue is corrupted system files. It shows scan found inconsistencies on the Windows files.  Consequently, it will show you the error code 80240016 because failed Windows update cannot search for updates.

Internet connectivity

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error code 80240016 likewise it also cannot search for updates. It is due to the network connectivity failure. In contrast to error 80240016, this is a brand new error code 80240016 that is due to the failed Windows update client.


There are no major options for this error 80240016 fixes. It is either a Windows repair or fixes the faulty Windows update client. So we should search for the latest Windows update client and install it on the computer. Rather than the manual checkups that cause furthermore errors, it is probably a good idea to repair the entire Windows 7 operating system.

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Furthermore, if you are facing a different issue than Windows update error 80240016, it is good to repair the Windows Operating system.

Almost all the troubleshooting steps guide you with the same steps to repair the clients. Hence most of the users try to upgrade to Windows 10 to avoid errors due to the Windows update clients.

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