Office Program

Office program

Office program is useful for writing documents, preparing accounts, designing slides, sending or receiving emails. There are multiple office programs available online but the premium one is Microsoft Office.

Microsoft will continuously upgrade it’s products and MS office upgrades once in every 3 years.

Microsoft Office 2007 launched in Jan 30, 2007 and then Microsoft Office 2010 on June 15, 2010.

office programs

After 3 years, Microsoft experimented it’s new Graphical user interface on Microsoft Office 2013 in Jan 29, 2013 and again Microsoft Office 2016 on September 22, 2015.

Microsoft Support is continuously providing the assistance to all its users for free all these years and it has changed the strategy to provide a paid support subscription available for Home users. This is to support It’s users and provide hassle free services.

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription based program and it is scalable as required by the users. The business programs are custom as the admin provides the limited access to their users.

Microsoft Help is also available from our support technicians who are trained into the Microsoft products. Our support professionals can provide very fast support on demand at a single incident or it can be upgraded to unlimited incidents through the annual subscriptions.

Microsoft Office 365 is available for 1 month or chosen time periods and also annual or bi-annual as subscribed. Office 2016 is the last product launched with life time license based on it’s versions.

Office 365 can provide the users the upcoming versions and additional updates for any new launch of Microsoft Office products.

Programs like Microsoft Office word looks the same in office 365 and office 2016 and office 2013. Windows Office is a default mail program called as Windows mail and wordpad and notepad documenting programs with limited features. It is available for free with any Windows operating system.

For additional support, contact the support online.

Get Office program support from experts online on this web portal. We have tremendous experience in assisting many users with office programs. 

Office program includes applications like word, excel, powerpoint and outlook.

Office program Installation- It requires an Office product key with 25 characters. You can purchase it from resellers or Microsoft store online and you can also get it from various online sellers

The procedure to install office is by signing in to your Microsoft account on web.

Step 1

open and you can see the purchased product.

If the product is recently purchased, you will need to use and you can follow the instructions to finish office setup.

Step 2

It downloads office setup as a click-to-run installation file or you can get a dvd to setup office.

Ordering DVD for the office installation is at an additional cost. However the setup remains the same in both the methods.

How to create shortcuts for Office programs?

If you are using windows 10, you can click start to search for the word, excel, power point and outlook programs.

You can pin the office programs to taskbar or you can in them to the start menu. Office programs can also be found under the file explorer. You can open the program files folder under c drive and then you see word.exe and excel.exe and the other programs. You can right click and send the shortcuts to desktop or pin them to start menu or taskbar

How to fix office file installation issues?

The basic issues with office installation are as follows:
Antivirus: Some of the antivirus programs can stop the exe files to work on your computer. So it is better to disable the antivirus during the installation.

Firewall: Some internet services may block the IP’s and it is required to check the network stats.

Old office program: Office program files are not removed from the previous installation also causes some installation issues. We have make sure to delete the Microsoft Office folders before installing.

For any additional support ,chat with our support agents or fill the form in the contact page.

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