Error code 0xc1900101

Microsoft Office Error code 0xc1900101 solution support

Error code 0xc1900101
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Error code 0xc1900101-Microsoft support:

Description: Windows 10 update 1803 released in April 2018. Homegroup feature is not available in 1803 update. This feature takes off printer and file sharing using homegroup. However, the printers and files shared prior to this update remain the same. Hence the sharing feature of files and printers is available rather than using homegroup.

There are instances of failure of an update 0xc1900101 due to multiple factors. Some of the factors are:

Low disk space, intermittent internet connectivity, antivirus program-related issues. Furthermore, disable the firewall and security program and check for updates. So that the error should not come back. Consequently, there are some more steps to disable the print spoiler and file protection to off and try to install the update.

Windows 10 upgrade error code 0xc1900101

Almost all the steps are explained above. Similar to the above, we are re-clarifying the steps to resolve this error code 0xc1900101. It is an upgrade related error that features printer and file sharing without homegroup network. So the steps involve deleting the printer drivers and disable file protection. Another step installs the update 1803. Maybe some users misunderstand by deleting the printer, they can reinstall after doing an update.

Error code support-Live Assist :

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