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Issue: error code 80240016  appears when check for updates. This error mainly appears due to the failure of Windows update client.

What is a Windows update client and how it causes error code 80240016?

Windows update client is the engine that searches and send the updates to the Windows computer. There are multiple reasons for the failure of Windows update engine. It is primarily due to the virus infections or spyware issues on a computer.

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System file scan

Firstly, scan your computer and make it free from virus. Infections are detected on your computer with the scan process. Another issue is corrupted system files. It shows scan found inconsistencies on the Windows files.  Consequently it will show you the error code 80240016 because failed Windows update cannot search for updates.

Internet connectivity

error code 80240016 likewise it also cannot search for updates. It is due to the network connectivity failure. Incontrast to error 80240016, this is a brand new error code 80240016 that is due to the failed Windows update client.

Solution: There are no major options for this error 80240016 fix. It is either a Windows repair or fix the faulty Windows update client. So we should search for the latest Windows update client and install it on the computer. Rather than the manual checkups that causes furthermore errors, it is probably a good idea to repair entire Windows 7 operating system.

error code 80244016

Furthermore if you are facing a different issue than Windows update error 80240016, it is good to repair the Windows Operating system.

Almost all the troubleshooting steps guide you the same steps to repair the clients. Hence most of the users try to upgrade to Windows 10 to av

windows updates

windows updates

Windows updates

Windows updates is an important feature for a Windows operating system. It includes security updates, important patches and optional updates.

The Windows updates finds whether the hardware attached to the computer is fully usable and downloads the latest available update from the manufacturers. The drivers are usually signed by Microsoft and launched on the relevant windows operating system as an optional update.

Microsoft updates are launched every Tuesday and so it is also named as Patch Tuesday. This was going on from all the earlier Windows Operating systems.

Windows updates troubleshooting

Some of the Windows updates can fail due to the intermittent Internet connection and some fail due to the pre-existing updates with the similar version. If you find the update KB number, search the update listed under the installed updates and you can confirm whether it is already installed on your computer.

How to reset Windows updates?

Windows update reset is a command line task that needs to be attempted if you find windows updates fails to work. Resetting Windows updates clears the history and also stops the current pending updates. It is the best process to reinitiate the windows updates from the beginning.

Windows updates resetting process can be attempted by stopping the Windows update service and then deleting the software distribution folder from windows directory. Another Windows update service called cryptographic should be stopped and delete the catroot2 folder from the system32 folder. Then restart the services manually or restart the computer and check for the updates.

The above said Windows update reset procedure turns your updates ON and working from the beginning, however the preinstalled updates will be skipped automatically.

Network Test for Windows update

Network status Lookup command to the “” gives the result of the host name server name. Ideally it should show up a server name, if that fails to work, it will be shown as “unknown”.

Windows update manual download.

There is a Microsoft Windows update catalog which can be used to search and download the required KB’s manually as required. Use the KB number required to be downloaded and select the Windows version whether it is 32 or 64 bit and then download the relevant windows update to your computer. This will perform windows update installation without bothering about the network connectivity.

You must update all the third party hardware drivers to install Window 7 updates. You can manually update the drivers but there are multiple drivers on the manufacturers web portal. Rather, there are third party advanced tools  to update all the drivers.

Working on this issue fix by self is much troublesome. Therefore we recommend you to reach our technical experts available on chat for an easier solutions. Because we value your time and have multiple options to help you with regular updates

These are the same steps to follow for the other error codes during Windows 7 updates failure. Probably you can try to reach out our services for getting assistance. We have high efficient technicians who regularly work on many users computer. We assure you the issue fix. Therefore you need not to worry and become a technician to resolve basic issues.

How to use an SFC scan now:

Actually, SFC scan is a command and it is used for windows system files.This is mainly used in command prompt.Open the command prompt and type the command and click ok.


The process will be done after that check the system files.System file checker will now verify the integrity of every protected operating system file on your computer.It might take quite a while to finish.

once verification reaches 100%, you will see something like this in the command prompt window.

Once the process will be done after that restart your computer.Sometimes check the SFC scan in offline.

Run SFC scan now on external drivers:

If windows are not loading up and you want to run the system file checker on the drive what would you do?Well, you can use external repair disk or remove the hard drive and connect it to another running windows computer to perform the SFC scan.

System file checker:

System file checker is a utility in Microsoft Windows that allows users scan to restore the corruptions in windows system files.Due to the problems with Windows applications being able to overwrite files in windows.Microsoft has since implemented a number of security measures to protect system files from malicious attacks, corruption or problems such as DLL help

rror code 30179-25 is an office error in Microsoft.Office product is one of the Microsoft product.Most of the cases this error can get through fail the installation.Actually, an error occurs due to the cause of system files corruption and previous installation files removed properly.


Live assist providing best error code support for error code 30179-25

Office program is useful for writing documents,designing slides,preparing accounts receiving or sending emails. There are multiple office programs available online but the premium one is Microsoft Live assist online chat support .For additional support, contact our technical team.
Live assist providing best error code support for error code 30179-25

Causes of office error code 30179-25:

1.pre version of office suite is blocking the installation of office

2.antivirus and malware and virus and firewall must be blocking the installation

3.Proxy settings and internet connection issues are blocking the office installation

When your attempt to install Office fails, an error message typically tries to explain the cause. There are many reasons that could cause the error code Usually, error occurs due to the system files corruption or previous installation files not removed properly. Performing the troubleshooting steps will resolve the error code 30179-25.

The solution for the error code 30179-25:

1.Temporarily disable firewall and antivirus


System file checker tool is a comfortable mechanism to test and verify the missing and corrupted system files within the software system. This utility can enable the windows to scan and restore the missing/corrupted files of workplace 30179-25.

2.check SFC scan


Sfc scan is check for the system files sometimes these can be corrupted.So at that time check SFC scan through the command prompt.Once the process is done.Check the installation status.

3.Registry files

registery files

It is required to repair the registry keys and rebuilt the string values.

Follow below steps to retrieve missing documents

1. Click on windows key
2. Right click and run the prompt as administrator.
3. Once the prompt is open, kind the subsequent command and click on enter

4.Remove and re-installation

You have any previous version of office product.First, remove the office that means uninstall the office.Once uninstalled after that new version of office installed.

In the case in the process of installation is not support the above immediately can contact our technical immediately solved your issue within a time period.

Outlook mail


Outlook Mail

Outlook program can also be configured using onedrive to keep the pop mail pst personal folders on the cloud. So this process helps to avoid data loss if there it happens to be any system crash in future. To make this cloud onedrive PST available ,the users have to have a good internet connection. This procedure is mainly preferred to connect Outlook to the PST folders from Onedrive. The alternate connection method is to use IMAP, so this POP method is widely preferred to save the mail storage space allocated and also to backup the older emails into archive folders.

Outlook mail

Usually Old archive folders are stored in computer folders. But this is an additional advantage if you configure onedrive with outlook storage and hence we have Outlook Onedrive help available for this configuration assistance.

Outlook onedrive help is on-demand custom support and is also considered as a paid assistance. This method is basically good for the one who have minimum storage space on mailbox and have many emails flow every day.

Outlook Mail Configuration

Outlook Mail is configured to use emails offline on a system application. Office Outlook mail is a premium Microsoft application designed to give you the full features on an email. It can be used to configure any webmail on Outlook. Outlook provides the best features like rich text, manage email folders and save the archived emails for years.

Outlook Mail on POP:

Pop mail is used to create the space for your webmail and it can delete the downloaded emails automatically on webspace. It is good for small business domain users who uses cpanel email accounts. It is required to create backup for the Outlook personal folders in case of pop mail.

It keeps all the emails in to a pst folder and also most of the contacts and calendar are linked on the same active PST.  If you are changing your computer, it will be useful to restore the emails and address book.

The Outlook signatures are cool features to send the name and identity of the sender while sending emails. This can only be reconfigured manually during the next time outlook setup if reinstalled the Outlook program.

IMAP/SMTP email in Outlook program

Outlook features IMAP Email setup which is a run time or said to be dynamic email management. It deletes the email from the webserver if deleted from the Outlook program.

The address book is automatically downloaded from the webmail if connected through IMAP Server. The IMAP settings are provided by the email service providers. Google email configured on IMAP requires to allow the third party apps from the settings.

 IMAP folders are ost files and it is not available for backup. It automatically downloads emails and syncs with the webmail continuously. Emails mailbox size limits on the size of the webmail service providers. If you want email to be archived, you have to create a personal folder and move the emails to offline folders.These folders in turn act as the same pst folders and you can backup them as required.

 Exchange server emails are automatically configured emails. It contains Hotmail and other email accounts part of Office 365 business email programs. It is configured using exchange server and the backup remains the same but this email management is done by the admin of the business mail.

Office Program

Office program

Office program is useful for writing documents, preparing accounts, designing slides, sending or receiving emails. There are multiple office programs available online but the premium one is Microsoft Office.

Microsoft will continuously upgrade it’s products and MS office upgrades once in every 3 years.

Microsoft Office 2007 launched in Jan 30, 2007 and then Microsoft Office 2010 on June 15, 2010.

office programs

After 3 years, Microsoft experimented it’s new Graphical user interface on Microsoft Office 2013 in Jan 29, 2013 and again Microsoft Office 2016 on September 22, 2015.

Microsoft Support is continuously providing the assistance to all its users for free all these years and it has changed the strategy to provide a paid support subscription available for Home users. This is to support It’s users and provide hassle free services.

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription based program and it is scalable as required by the users. The business programs are custom as the admin provides the limited access to their users.

Microsoft Help is also available from our support technicians who are trained into the Microsoft products. Our support professionals can provide very fast support on demand at a single incident or it can be upgraded to unlimited incidents through the annual subscriptions.

Microsoft Office 365 is available for 1 month or chosen time periods and also annual or bi-annual as subscribed. Office 2016 is the last product launched with life time license based on it’s versions.

Office 365 can provide the users the upcoming versions and additional updates for any new launch of Microsoft Office products.

Programs like Microsoft Office word looks the same in office 365 and office 2016 and office 2013. Windows Office is a default mail program called as Windows mail and wordpad and notepad documenting programs with limited features. It is available for free with any Windows operating system.

For additional support, contact the support online.

Get Office program support from experts online on this web portal. We have tremendous experience in assisting many users with office programs. 

Office program includes applications like word, excel, powerpoint and outlook.

Office program Installation- It requires an Office product key with 25 characters. You can purchase it from resellers or Microsoft store online and you can also get it from various online sellers

The procedure to install office is by signing in to your Microsoft account on web.

Step 1

open and you can see the purchased product.

If the product is recently purchased, you will need to use and you can follow the instructions to finish office setup.

Step 2

It downloads office setup as a click-to-run installation file or you can get a dvd to setup office.

Ordering DVD for the office installation is at an additional cost. However the setup remains the same in both the methods.

How to create shortcuts for Office programs?

If you are using windows 10, you can click start to search for the word, excel, power point and outlook programs.

You can pin the office programs to taskbar or you can in them to the start menu. Office programs can also be found under the file explorer. You can open the program files folder under c drive and then you see word.exe and excel.exe and the other programs. You can right click and send the shortcuts to desktop or pin them to start menu or taskbar

How to fix office file installation issues?

The basic issues with office installation are as follows:
Antivirus: Some of the antivirus programs can stop the exe files to work on your computer. So it is better to disable the antivirus during the installation.

Firewall: Some internet services may block the IP’s and it is required to check the network stats.

Old office program: Office program files are not removed from the previous installation also causes some installation issues. We have make sure to delete the Microsoft Office folders before installing.

For any additional support ,chat with our support agents or fill the form in the contact page.

office program

Office Program

Office program comprises of apps like word, excel, powerpoint and outlook. Microsoft Office Support is available in different options. The support options are the first time installation of office program, help with the installation of office updates, setup with office email, creating office shortcuts on the home screen.Readmore

Outlook Mail

Outlook program from Microsoft office suite can be used to configure multiple email accounts. Emails can be configured using POP, IMAP and on exchange server. We also provide Email configuration using mails, contacts, address book, calendar and recovery support.Readmore

Windows Updates

Windows updates are important for computer security and data security. The program updates and driver updates are also required to be done alongside of windows operating system upgrade.

We support on common error codes which comes on windows updates. The common issues include network related, prerequisite updates, space related.Readmore

Outlook Mail

Onedrive program is a cloud architecture from Microsoft. This helps to keep the files on a common web space from different computers. This cloud space works on a PC with a windows client called onedrive application. There is a configuration required in order to setup the chosen files and folders to sync with the Onedrive cloud space.Readmore

Office 365 for people of all abilities

Using Office 365, you can create more inclusive content that is accessible to all. Learn about using alt text for images, color contrast for improved readability, and more.

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