Outlook Mail

Outlook program can also be configured using onedrive to keep the pop mail pst personal folders on the cloud. So this process helps to avoid data loss if there it happens to be any system crash in future. To make this cloud onedrive PST available ,the users have to have a good internet connection. This procedure is mainly preferred to connect Outlook to the PST folders from Onedrive. The alternate connection method is to use IMAP, so this POP method is widely preferred to save the mail storage space allocated and also to backup the older emails into archive folders.

Outlook mail

Usually Old archive folders are stored in computer folders. But this is an additional advantage if you configure onedrive with outlook storage and hence we have Outlook Onedrive help available for this configuration assistance.

Outlook onedrive help is on-demand custom support and is also considered as a paid assistance. This method is basically good for the one who have minimum storage space on mailbox and have many emails flow every day.

Outlook Mail Configuration

Outlook Mail is configured to use emails offline on a system application. Office Outlook mail is a premium Microsoft application designed to give you the full features on an email. It can be used to configure any webmail on Outlook. Outlook provides the best features like rich text, manage email folders and save the archived emails for years.

Outlook Mail on POP:

Pop mail is used to create the space for your webmail and it can delete the downloaded emails automatically on webspace. It is good for small business domain users who uses cpanel email accounts. It is required to create backup for the Outlook personal folders in case of pop mail.

It keeps all the emails in to a pst folder and also most of the contacts and calendar are linked on the same active PST.  If you are changing your computer, it will be useful to restore the emails and address book.

The Outlook signatures are cool features to send the name and identity of the sender while sending emails. This can only be reconfigured manually during the next time outlook setup if reinstalled the Outlook program.

IMAP/SMTP email in Outlook program

Outlook features IMAP Email setup which is a run time or said to be dynamic email management. It deletes the email from the webserver if deleted from the Outlook program.

The address book is automatically downloaded from the webmail if connected through IMAP Server. The IMAP settings are provided by the email service providers. Google email configured on IMAP requires to allow the third party apps from the settings.

 IMAP folders are ost files and it is not available for backup. It automatically downloads emails and syncs with the webmail continuously. Emails mailbox size limits on the size of the webmail service providers. If you want email to be archived, you have to create a personal folder and move the emails to offline folders.These folders in turn act as the same pst folders and you can backup them as required.

 Exchange server emails are automatically configured emails. It contains Hotmail and other email accounts part of Office 365 business email programs. It is configured using exchange server and the backup remains the same but this email management is done by the admin of the business mail.